Using online forums – Does it still work?

Online forums are still considered to be powerful tools for building authority links. You can easily share your information as well as rank your websites. When it comes to building links it is important to share your website URLs on different forums. Forum commenting is not something that everyone can do. You need experience and more importantly, you need patience. If your comments are not accepted then you need to find out the reason behind it. Your comments need to look natural and it should not have promotional tone. Most of the forum moderators delete the comment when it has a marketing tone.

Online forums can build good backlinks and they will never be out of fashion. Google gives high priority to links that come from forums. Make sure you are commenting on forums that have been there for many years and that have built high authority. The registration process can be the toughest part of forum commenting. Most of the users find it hard to register and validate their profile. There are existing threads in different forums and you need to post your comment in the most relevant thread. Always make sure that you post in a relevant niche in order to rank well. Professionals find it easier as they have experience in this field.

Forum commenting

Even if you are looking for AC Installation Elkhart, IN then you will need to find an expert. In the present world, everything is accessible through the internet. Stay connected with a professional that provides you regular reports and make sure that your website is not harmed by bad links. Though forum commenting is useful but you need to make sure that you follow the rules of the forum. Irrelevant comments can even get you banned from a specific forum.

Best practices to follow for forum posting

An online forum is an indispensable element or feature of the world of websites. The web-based forum is exclusive to the online realm and differs from a forum not having a focus on research. For instance, forums based on market research or survey witness coordinated debates between and amongst participants on pre-defined threads. Such a forum also happens to be less organized compared to a group debating on strategic issues.


Nevertheless, online forums can be easily formed but can be equally difficult to manage and monitor. Hence, there are some golden rules or best practices that need to be followed in order to hold on to the participants’ willingness to engage in the debates and conversations:-

  • Ensure that whatever you post, be it a link, feedback, picture or comment is relevant to the thread being discussed
  • Before you post a comment or question, doubly crosscheck if the same has not already been posted by a participant on an earlier occasion
  • Use uppercase (capital letters) letters very restrictively and only when you’ve something very important to say or ask-using CAPS in normal conversation would mark you out as someone who is not aware of internet etiquettes
  • Do not forget to post ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ when requesting for information or soliciting for assistance
  • You cannot afford to be sardonic or irritated (not even in a lighter vein) as other participants may not be on the same page with you since you’re visible or audible
  • In case you’re about to start posting on a new forum, makes sure you go through the rules and regulations thoroughly
  • Never peddle a product or service or your business on the forum
  • Give a title to your thread that is relevant and meaningful
  • Never post content that infringes on copyrights or trademarks



The importance of online forums

The indispensability of online forums and discussions with regards to promoting your blog posts or e-commerce site does not need to be exaggerated. Online forums which evolved a few years after the advent of the net have proven to be extremely influential in spreading the word about a product or service across the service.  The web-based debates and discussions about trending topics or business activities or just about anything have played a key role in engaging communities with like-minded interests.

These forums have turned out to be the perfect meeting points for a diverse cross-section of participants willing to converse or discuss on practically every conceivable topic under the sun. The tone of the discussions could range from frivolous to intensely serious but what ultimately matters is that you’re able to put forth your views. The topics or themes on which debates get underway on the forum boards are defined as “threads”.

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If you strongly feel that you have nuggets of information to share, pertaining to a specific thread, you post your views and opinions on the forum board. More often than not, chats and conversations could get underway on subject matters that are directly or indirectly related to the chief thread. Online forums have been found to be incredibly effective in engaging a very large community of users and participants spread across a vast geographical area and having diverse demography.

For instance, the last US presidential campaign which witnessed the unlikely emergence of Donald Trump as the more prospective candidate to win the presidency, stimulated debates across online forums. The heated arguments between Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate and Trump, the Republican candidate on different national issues was debated across multiple forums throughout the web world. Online forums can be exploited to popularize a product or service or stimulate healthy dialogues on current political, economic or social issues.



Promoting your blog through forum commenting

Posting on online forums is an outdated off-page SEO strategy when it comes to promoting your site or blog but continues to be quite popular. Using this technique can still get you top quality backlinks which in turn will help divert traffic to your site or enhance the sale of your product or subscriptions to your service. You can also a set up a forum independently and encourage discussion on a wide variety of topics with your social network.

Conversely, you should consider replying or responding to queries or threads of other forum members as well in order to augment your blog’s popularity. Abide by the following tips if you wish to make your blog more popular:-

  1. Just sign up and stay idle for some time

Believe it or not, just signing up for a forum and lying low for the first few days may be an effective way to heighten your blog’s popularity. However, if you do not have the patience to restrain yourself and leave behind backlinks randomly, you’ll be doing more to your blog than good. Use your ‘hanging about’ time to watch and observe the trending topics, the forum’s rules and regulations, and so on.

  1. Find out where the prospective readers and users of your blog are

Identify the forums where your niche traffic i.e. potential readers of your blog are most likely to be. These forums do not necessarily have to be big ones but should be active.

Forum Commenting

  1. Post creative and original content

No matter whatever the subjects or topic matters you’re writing in your blogs, make sure that the content is creative and original, and completely free of plagiarism.

  1. Use a signature and photo profile that is catchy

Use a signature style that is simple yet unique without making it too flashy or gaudy. In case the forums permits you to use an image of yourself, then again go for a simple one.

  1. Widen your social network

  Nurture lasting relationships with owners, moderators, and influencers of forums by sending them personal messages using your forum name.